Bespoke Gifting Services

At Chic By Design we believe that every gift should be a 'Smart Gift'. Synonymous with superior craftsmanship, quality and design, a well-chosen gift is a reflection of the giver’s thoughtful good taste.

Choosing the perfect present is not easy. With Chic By Design’s free, no obligation consulting service you get the expertise of a personal shopper, the ease of boutique shopping, and the guarantee that, from alluring first look to stylish delivery, every detail of the gift giving process has been considered.

We work hand in hand with the artists in our network of suppliers to propose distinctive and unique items that will reflect your business’ ethos, on time and within your budget.

Save time. Shop smart. Call us today to discuss your specific gifting needs.

'Chic By Design is ideal for the busy executive...' S. Coast
'Everyone was thrilled with their gifts. Thank You Chic By Design!’ M. Escabosa
'Great selection, amazing service, excellent advice' J. Gelsey

Please call us directly at 800.745.9239 to discuss your specific needs.